Featured Artist: Lexi

The next artist that will be performing Saturday, September 7th, at the festival.

With her valiant vocals and variable range this powerhouse singer holds the voice of the industry’s future. Recording in prestigious establishments that have been graced by Mariah Carey and Brandy, her vocal development has continued to flourish.†Lexi’s sound and style has been greatly influenced by Christina Aguilara, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Patti Labelle.

This Brazilian and Creole bombshell’s talents extend far past her vocal performance and include being a masterful ballerina, gymnast, actress and songwriter, making her the ultimate entertainment package. Lexi’s exotic multi-cultural background is able to break market barriers and allows for her marketable image that functions in a variety of genres.

Check out this artist’s website here: http://www.illasme.com/About.html