Featured Artist: Ms. La

Ms La is the next artist that will be performing Saturday, September 7th, at the festival.

“If you want to make it in the industry, act like you don’t.”
That was the answer I’d gotten from “Ms.” La, when I asked her how she continues to push for success. The name – which is short for Laurasia, was something she decided to call herself as early as middle school. She begun her rapping career in the fall of 2002. At that point, she explains that it was nothing more than a hobby. ” I had a guy friend of mine who could get down…and I was jealous” she laughs, ” I figured if he could do it, so could I.” As she began to make progress on her talent she decided to venture into other creative arts. In 2003, she collaborated with two brothers on a project, and the trio soon became a group by the name of Plat’num Status. The band lasted for over six years before the members went their separate ways.
“I’m not going to lie…it was hard. I was [and still am] used to having these two guys next to me.” But everyone has to find their own path. Now, as she embarks on her solo journey she can really understand the humility and worth of hard work. All this coming from a female who wrote lyrics as homework, but never really had anything to do with the background. Now La is working as her own producer and sound engineer. A task she says isn’t easy but in turn has become very rewarding. “Doing it on my own, I get to make things I like to hear…the way I want them to go, and it’s kind of liberating.”

Though she feels there’s a long and tough road ahead, she says she’s up for the challenge. “I’m fortunate enough to have great friends and family to support me.”
So with that said, I personally am anticipating her new work. I have no doubt that it will live up to it’s full potential.