Featured Artist: Jazzmeia Horn

The next artist that will be performing Saturday, September 7th, at the festival.

To hear her voice, is to hear a young woman’s journey into the past – and her present – of jazz vocalists, whose voices embodied the order and good manners of respecting the vocabulary of the song, as well as the interpretation of song. Thus, it is with Jazz Horn, a singer who approaches a song with moral and reasonable certitude which lies within her voice.

In the last 40 years few vocalist have emerged whom seemed poised to leave an undeniable mark in the world of jazz. Now Jazzmeia Horn, seems able to do just that. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, and currently enrolled in the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music located in New York City, Ms. Horn’s ability to turn a musical phrase from words to feeling is reminiscent of the late, and undeniably great Sarah Vaughn, while owning a voice that is truly her very own.​

Check out this artists website here: http://theartistryofjazzhorn.com/