Juq’o Vibe

Keagan Austin (Better known as Juq’o Vibe) is the creator of the “Lame Lyfe” movement. He lives by the phrase “I will never change, if being yourself isnt “Cool” then I’m forever “Lame”. Through his spoken word and music Juq’o teaches people that is is ok to be yourself even if its not considered “COOL” by others. Lame Lyfe is all about not following the trends set by others but starting your own trends by being a individual. Juq’o Vibe is also the owner of Vibe Vision Productions, a production company specializing in Videography and Photography. He has worked with artist such as Tyrese, 2 Chainz, Rocko, Kendrick Lamar, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson, and the list goes on. He has also done work for The Source Magazine, Southeast Urban Music Conference and many more.