KingMan is a artist on the rise who is standing out on his own. He is originally from New Orleans,LA but has the ability to relate to all urban and non urban communities worldwide. With his own unique delivery he variates back and forth between his many different styles from Hip-Hop to R&B to Reggae all while spittin powerful, positive, thought-provoking lyrics about the conditions that affect the youth of today and more importantly what he feels we can do about it. His persona is liken to a Lion, fierce but tenderhearted as many of his songs give the utmost respect to women and children while urging the men to become warriors. He is definitely in a lane of his own and rising fast as he continues to show that conscious music can redefine the mainstream music we hear today. He is currently recording the follow-up to his smash mixtape Kingz, Queenz & Warriorz that will be released Fall of 2013.